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Residential Indoor Air Quality

It may seem like the air that you’re breathing is perfectly healthy, but the truth is that there are a lot of things present in the air around us that are not good for us to breathe in. Though microscopic and impossible to see, bacteria, dust, molds, fungus, and pollutants are present in the air that circulates through your home. Some things are brought into your home from the outdoors, while other minute particles like molds and fungus take root in our ducts and HVAC units and grow and spread throughout the home.


Because these things are invisible to the eye, we experience the impact of poor air quality physically by inhaling these particles and developing a variety of medical issues. That is why Lake Refrigeration provides indoor air quality products and services that are designed to create healthy, happy homes. Air quality control products include air filters, air purification systems, humidity control equipment, and ventilation solutions to deliver a healthy indoor climate.

Benefits of Air Quality Control

When the air we breathe in day in and day out is healthy, clean, and free from pollutants and other harmful particles, the overall health of your home improves greatly. Having pristine indoor air quality should be a priority for any family, but is especially important for family members who suffer from allergies, asthmas, or have compromised immune systems. With Lake Refrigeration’s indoor air quality control products and services, you can be sure that your home is designed to provide your family with healthy, clean air throughout the year.

Products We Carry


We offer the highest quality Aprilaire and Honeywell indoor air quality control products such as media air filters, whole-home air cleaners, purifiers and UV lights. We install humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ventilators, air cleaners and carbon monoxide detectors.


What is Ventilation?

Though homes of the past used to simply open a window or a door to improve ventilation in the home, modern buildings are built to be solid and leak-free, rendering them less able to properly ventilate without additional help. More importantly, modern homes are constructed with materials that are safe for construction, but not healthy for components of quality air. Construction compounds and products like flame retardants and formaldehyde, for example, serve to create solid, insulated homes but are not chemicals that we want to breathe in. Lake Refrigeration is the trusted, local ventilation expert business in the Northeast Ohio area, and we are happy to work with builders and homeowners alike to install and maintain premium ventilation systems in your home to deliver healthy, high-quality air to keep your home and family healthy and breathing well.
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